About CCBTrade

CCBTrade is a community funding platform aimed at providing a clear and accessible way for newcomers and veterans to earn to receive funding. With a lot of experience in the finance industry, we are passionate about community funding and seek to use our strong understanding of this area to deliver the best possible results for users. At CCBTrade, we emphasize transparency and responsibility.



We have a wonderful security check running 24hours on our platform to ensure that your account is secured at all times.


Our web page is very fast to load and very flexible such that can be opened with all kinds of ICT related gadgets.


We are always online to ensure that all issues are attended to. Use the support interface to reach us on any matter.

How it Works

CCBtrade is a Multi-Level Marketing structure that encourages you to Donate in,  "NAIRA'', in which you are compensated with a 50% Return on the donation, but also awarded a 10% referral bonus on each donor you recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.
CCBtrade offers you a means to grow and exchange your cash through peer to peer donation.

Here is how it works

1. Register
2. Register on our site using a referred link from your upline. Default referral Email: info@ccbtrade.com

        N/B: You get a 10% referral bonus for each person you register under you.

3. Login to your account, ( personal office space).

4. Click on the deposit, option boldly on the screen and Enter the desired amount you want to invest.

MIN 5,000 and MAXIMUM; 100,000.

5. Wait for your account to be matched to a receiver and Pay after you're matched.

6. Recipient confirms payment.

7. At the end of 7days from confirmation of payment click on Receive

8. Re-invest